Your Best Self, Bring it or You’re Part of the Problem

Have you ever had an idea, a really good idea?   The kind of idea that could really be helpful, or an idea that could solve a problem.  Sometimes having those kinds of ideas can be exciting and almost exhilarating.  In my experience, an idea can start as a tickle and build into a force.

Sometimes we can get an idea and we know immediately that it is a great idea.  We know exactly what to do to realize that idea.  Those ideas are great and can be fun.  We get the idea, develop an outline, a strategy or plan of attack and we quickly launch.   We bring that idea into fruition.

That can be fun, but then there are those other ideas.  The ideas that come and scare the hell out of us.

They scare us not because the idea is not a good, sound idea; but rather because it is a great idea.  So good that we don’t know where we should begin.  The Little Voice in our head gets going.

Strangely, the Little Voice never starts off with, “Oh, just try.. it won’t be that bad.”

No, the Little Voice usually starts with, “How are you going to do that?”  “Who do you think you are?”  “You can’t do this.”   “You don’t know how to do that.”  “You’re too____.”    “Blah, Blah, Blah…”

But, fortunately or unfortunately,  a dream will persist and keep gnawing at us.  We need to quiet that Little Voice by taking a step, any step in the direction of our dreams.  The fact that our dream remains with us, bugging us, means that it something that must be allowed to grow.  It probably is a great idea that could be of tremendous service to the world.  That is why it gets elevated from the status of mere idea to the status DREAM.

Our dreams are our best self speaking to us, to help us uncover our gifts and talents that we owe to the world.

So, what would happen if we all answered the call?  If we all lived our best life?  What if we brought our best self?

Little Voice never shows up to discourage us from doing something unimportant.  If it is something that gives us life, is important and is of service don’t worry Little Voice will be there.

Should we decide to become the world quickest, most glutinous consumer of cupcakes.  Don’t worry, Little Voice got nothing to say.

But, should we decide to be an advocate, to be creative or to be more REAL,  Little Voice will show up with a vengeance.   Little Voice will show up to voice our fears.   Be glad that Little Voice has shown up to point the way to our growth and expansion.  Let’s not wait until it’s not too hard or until we are not afraid.  That day will never come.

So what would happen if we all lived our best life?  We would change the WORLD!!!  Let’s write, design, choreograph and make big things and big dreams.

To fail to bring forth our dreams is a disservice to ourselves and the world.  The world needs that gift that only we can bring, that exists within each of us.  How do we make the world a better place?  We bring our best self everyday.

How do we create a dream life?  We must first live a dream minute, hour and a day.  Eventually, we live our dream lives moment by moment.  Let’s bring our best self to our home, neighborhood, and community.

Your Best Self, Your Dream–Bring it to the World, or you’re part of the problem.


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