Kim's Vision Workshop Experience:

"Well, I was in a place in my life where I wanted to make some changes, and really kinda help me focus my thoughts and get prepared for what I wanted to come, to help me develop my own expectations, rather than just let stuff happen to me.

…I went back to my vision board and things I’d written out, and it helped me hone my job search to get the job that I wanted. And I got it!"

 Leigh Ann Experience:

"It's so crazy how I've overcome my fears, I would try at least once a week to try something that I was afraid of. 

Now I'm just doing it!!

Dion Raymond

"There's something I noticed that's remarkably different about Lori. She is a willing mentor and coach. She makes herself physically present giving me the opportunity to observe her powerful compassion and communication skills. She empowered me to cross my line of fear. She helped me to mount that horse and ride. Her guidance prepared for a significant internal lesson, learning to face my fear. Thank you, Lori. That internal journey changed me. And your witness was exactly what I needed. This is a forever thank you."

Eden Fadzo Croft

"Lori was able to prod me to ask myself better questions. It was like a door was opened into a dark room that allowed me to see both my circumstances and future possibilities in a different light. Having new questions made me realize how important having the right questions are for closing the gap between where I am now and where I hope to be in a few years, and even months from now. I felt challenged and yet completely safe at the same time. I can’t wait to see what else she has to offer."

Randi Berger

"...helped me remember how good it feels to also help others focus on reaching their goals and not keep repeating my own negative stories."

Jan Williamson
Executive Director 18th Street Arts Center

"“When I first started coaching with Lori, I was focused on internalized challenges I was facing… certain preconceived notions that were inhibiting me. Your coaching went way beyond my expectations. I like the way your system encourages you to think about all aspects of your life, not just in one area, that made it really exciting on a lot of levels. I was not expecting that, and it illuminated how I had boxed off my personal life and well-being from my professional work. I had pushed personal goals off, imagining they’d have to wait until I retire. The coaching brought my whole life into focus.

For example - part of my dream is to spend more time in nature, now I’m making that happen more often instead of delaying it. The audio tapes are inspiring too. They are easy to integrate into my commute time. Using that quiet driving headspace to imagine and conceive of my dream in greater and greater detail is a process I’m still using. Coaching with Lori is opening up new energy and potential that is fueling positive change in both my personal and professional life."

Ericka Dowdell

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I needed that!”

Jac’queline Giedzinski 

“It made me realize that I can achieve my dreams.”

Lisa Carroll

“...Lori brings abstract universal principles into concrete experience and leave you feeling your dream and having the tools to put into action to create the environment for the dream to manifest. Lori is generous and uses her own personal experience to provide an example for those to feel and see someone who walks the walk.” 

Deanna Robinson

Personal Impact Foundation

"Lori is a dynamic coach and a true visionary. She is committed to personal development for herself as much as she is to her clients, leading by example. I've had the pleasure and privilege to work with some of her clients and their admiration for her and her ability to gently and firmly empower them is beyond measure. One of Lori's most enduring traits is her calm and peaceful demeanor. No one can exit a conversation with her without feeling empowered to do and be more with a sense of purpose. Find a way to work with and engage with her, individually or in a group setting!  You can expect abundance in all aspects of your life and it will be better as a result of you knowing and working with her. "

Cheryl Walker

Constellation Healing Institute 

Inspiring, motivating, with integrity. You walk your walk. Thank you!” 

Holly Hancock 

“Vocalizing my dream is extremely helpful for me. Not just writing down but speaking it to the universe.”

Sandra Middleton 

“Thank you, this have been very powerful and helpful.”