I’m Lori A. Harris and I work with highly successful women that have still got it and know it and want more of it right now!

I want to help you with reconnecting with your creativity and passion for life.

As a coach, I work with women who want to stop delaying their happiness until…

“the kids are grown or out of the house”
“my pension vests” or
“my ex finally pays his child support”

or… or… or…

I believe in the power of decision combined with the power of consistent action to move MOUNTAINS OF UN-LIVED LIFE.

What I know about all of the women that I work with is that they are still incredibly

  • beautiful,
  • smart,
  • creative,
  • sexy as all get out!

Women who still have soooo much life left to live and give!

I have taught many clients the proven, reliable and repeatable system for jump kicking into a life they absolutely love!

I know you wonder if you can bring your sexy back!

Start telling your truth and bring your own sexy back!


After working with me, my clients have attracted new and fun romantic relationships, created non profits, films, books and other companies that are changing the world.

Stop wondering, stop waiting and start living now! All you really have is now. Shouldn’t you go ahead and show up for your life?

So if you want to start having fun now, and start living and loving right now, Say yes to your life! Take the Radical Gratitude Pledge and change your life for the better!

I am the woman that looks around and says to herself, “Do better!”

You know, we can all do so much better.  We can all give a little more, be a little more and live a little more.  Actually, a hella lot more. 

There really is no point to simply existing.  Let’s get out there and really LIVE.   I love art, music, and poetry.  I don’t just say it, I live it. 

I frequently host concerts, poetry readings and gatherings of all kinds in my home.  I coach artists, musicians, social entrepreneurs and professionals from all walks of life.  

I sing every day, laugh every day and love life!  I know that WHEN we all LIVE our PURPOSE and LIVE on PURPOSE the world is a much better place.

Twenty-eight years ago I left the comfort and security of my friends and employment to go to law school.  I left without a plan or the apparent means to pay for my life or law school.  While I didn’t have a plan, I did have a dream. 

I graduated from law school three years later with a law degree and no student loan debt.  For over two decades as a litigator, I have worked to persuade juries and judges.  My kind and gentle spirit has helped hundreds of youth and families in reshaping their lives from clouds of misery to visions of hope and aspiration.

I have worked with artists, non-profit organizations and youth to increase the success in their lives.

A sought-after speaker, I have graced stages around California and shared the stage with my friend and mentor, Mary Morrissey.   I have been heard on the public radio and have appeared nationally on PBS. 

I am a recognized expert in the area of juvenile justice, youth in transition and have testified before the California State legislature.

Now, I am a Certified Life Mastery Consultant and I have helped many women created a life that they love. 

I would love to show you how to do the same.  You should have more freedom, you know you want it.