There’s More Where That Came From

My mentor encourages me to fast from hurry and worry.  It’s something to consider.  For years my former husband, let’s call him Ray, advised me not to run to answer the phone.  I NEVER listened.  I heard him, but I didn’t listen.

I walk fast.  I pride myself in being a woman that is going places.  I intentionally walk with authority and I walk fast.  I come from a long line of fast walkers.  All of my relatives walk fast.  My father walked fast and I remember as a child struggling to keep up with him.  I never complained, I just stepped up my game.  I moved as fast as my bowed legs would take me.

As my mentor suggested taking a break from hurry and worry, I considered it. Hmmm.  Could possibly I slow down?  Do I really need to slow down? Does my running around suggest a certain lack mentality? A lack of faith in our friendly, abundant universe.  Is it a stark contrast to knowing that all of my needs are needs are met?

I have found that Universe first speaks in a whisper and then moves to a roar. So the reason Ray said don’t run was because he predicted that would the moment I ran to catch the phone would be the moment I would fall and hurt myself.

Two falls and broken bones later, I have to admit that Ray was right.

The caller will call back or can leave a message.

There will be another bus.

There’s another train coming, just around the bend.

Because there’s more where that came from.

The same is true with your wallet.  Don’t begrudgingly pay your bills.  Be reminded of the fun, or  the benefit or the services you have received.  Smile and be grateful,  express gratitude.  You are a participant in the circulation of supply.  Don’t be resentful as you pay your bills.  Don’t block your flow.

Consider saying a prayer of gratitude over your bills.  Think of them as  invoices for blessings you have already received.

Remember there’s more where that came from.  That money in your wallet will be replenished, there’s always more.

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