Grateful, Not Perfect

Grateful, Not Perfect
I’m the creator of the Gratitude Train App, and I do believe in the power of gratitude. However, I don’t treat gratitude as some saccharin solution to the day to day difficulties of living.  On the contrary, practicing gratitude is a choice.   I offer this newsletter as an opportunity to be reminded of our power to choose.  My sweetheart sometimes gently reminds me of my intention to be grateful.
 Gratefulness can take many forms.
Sometimes we need to celebrate the win.  More than just thankfulness, we need to notice and acknowledge our resilience, fortitude, persistence or progress.  Sometimes simply reminding ourselves of how far we have come can be the catalyst to keep going.
Gratitude is the most important currency. The energy of gratitude works hand in glove with the energy of celebrating one’s accomplishments. 
I offer this suggestion for the days that gratefulness seems difficult.  Remind yourself of your achievements.  As you review the day, remember what got done and celebrate.  Tomorrow is a new day.

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