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blm-MikeSmithWe get to choose where we will put our attention and how we will respond to the issues that come up in our lives or our social media feed. The internet and social media have brought about the means to create community, communication, and communion. We can use the internet to search for the truth, and we can share our truth.

We are no longer forced to wait for someone else’s permission.

We get our personal microphone.

We all produce content.

We get to proclaim to the world where our interests lie.

We broadcast to the world, who we are and what we think.

Every moment we are deciding where we will put our attention and energy. As we interact with our feed, we broadcast our interests. Sometimes we yell at each other.

Sometimes we gather to decry the faults of society. We can log into Facebook and share how awful everyone that doesn’t agree with us can be, and all of our friends can like the sentiment. We surrender our emotions to algorithms run by the computer puppeteers. We are rarely confronted with a viewpoint we whom we disagree.

If it happens, we can respond a myriad of ways. We unfriend or unfollow the offending party. We can send out our own condemning post. We could shame or berate. Or we can watch, and we can listen. We can learn something new. We can get an understanding of another point of view.

We can start to ask questions. We can walk in someone else’s shoes.
We could try to be part of the solution.

I have a new business, for the last two years, I have been helping people look at the world anew. I help people fashion new questions and design new visions of themselves and their lives where we become part of the solution.

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