Ask For What You Want


When you go to the market and do you fill your basket with whatever the grocer hands you?

Do you go to a restaurant and accept whatever the cook is making that day?

How about leaving your home, do you just follow the road without direction?

Of course, you don’t! So why would you ever approach your life passively, going along with circumstances?

As we age, it’s easy to trek the path of least resistance, but that is not necessarily the way to joy. Happiness is circumstance dependent; joy is infused with gratitude regardless of conditions.

Sometimes we put more effort into thinking about our grocery list than thinking about creating a life that we love. To live a vision driven life, we must be diligent with guarding our thoughts and direct our mind.
It’s easy to become complacent, but the transformation is just one question away.

When we ask ourselves an empowering question, it puts us on the path of self-awareness, and that’s where growth happens.

We could awaken each day asking ourselves, “Ugh, how am I ever going to get through today?” Conversely, we could train ourselves to ask, “What would I love?” Another question is “How do I want to feel?” One method you could use to expand your imagination is to ask the question from the greatest possibility such as, “If I could do anything in the world, what would I do? That is an inquiry that is likely to excite you.

As you are going through your day, notice the internal conversation you are having with yourself.

Make a commitment to yourself to start having an empowering dialogue with yourself.

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