Hey, Are You Hoarding Your Masterpiece?

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

This question is a favorite. We see it everywhere from Pinterest to coffee mugs and magnets.

It is a provocative query. It compels one to ponder if there is some aspect of life not yet fully lived or is there some part of life not adequately explored?

Today, I woke from my bed with this question, “What would you do if you remembered you are a masterpiece and Divinely connected to Infinite Intelligence?” That question made me pop out of bed in delight. It reminds me of who we are and to whom we belong.
That question is a motivator for us. With that inquiry, we are prompted to share our gifts and to stay in service.

Being at one with the Creator means that there are no mistakes, but instead necessary steps along the path.

Instead of asking, “what if you failed?” How about, “What can you do to help and to serve?” Who do you need to be to bring this idea to life? What will become of your idea if you don’t bring it forth? If you don’t do it will you ever fully know yourself? What if it was fun?

When we endeavor to live the life of our dreams, it’s fun. The fun is in the taking the steps and being in action because we begin to like the person that we are becoming. We start to love life daily, not because of achieving goals or acquiring new possessions.

We will enjoy life more when we are authentically living.

So is there love that you need to share? Is there some adventure that you need to have? Is there something within you longing to be brought forth and into reality? When will the real you show up? When will you release your gift and let your light shine?

You are a masterpiece. The world is waiting for the real you.

Don’t know where to begin?

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