You Are Loved


I was standing in line with a very young baby that reminded of how much we tend pour love onto babies.

If you are like me, you don’t recall your infancy, but if you spend time with a baby notice how many physical expressions of love we give to children.

Good morning kisses. Change the diaper kisses. Putting clothes on or pulled off means more kisses. If baby starts to cry, the baby gets a pat, a kiss or rubbed to soothe away the discomfort.

Now picture the same affection being poured into you. Since you don’t remember anyway, why not assume it was fantastic?

Imagine that as you were being fed, your caretaker or guardian was gazing lovingly into your eyes. Imagine that everything that you did was the most amusing and entertaining thing happening in the lives of the adults that cared for you.

If you are a parent this shouldn’t be hard to imagine; you can thank your child for bringing new joy to your life.

Please know that you are loved.

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I hope that you do and that you feel exceedingly loved.


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