No, Go, Do!



Cyndi was right; folks do want to have fun. It’s just so tempting to stay in bed under the covers. It is quite a feat getting that damn nest empty. I know folks that dream of starting a new business, or traveling, or learning a new skill once their child leaves home. It’s one thing to want it something, but it’s quite another to have it. Wanting a thing and having it don’t live on the same channel. What happens to us? As we mature, we adopt an operating system to get through life. After age 40 it is critical to realize the choice we are making; we can choose to expand, to create and to grow. Or by failing to choose we are getting stagnation, shrinking and lethargy. We move closer to death. I have a friend that has a great business idea. She has a name for her business, a service she wants to provide and a potential location, yet she has done nothing to start her business. My friend is unhappy, she hates her job, and she is frustrated with her life.

What to do?

Recognize the preciousness of the moment and make a conscious decision. Be cognizant of the micro-choices that you make throughout the day and get in touch with the word no. Sometimes we need to say no to ourselves and others. Perhaps it’s no and closing the refrigerator. Maybe it’s no to signing your name to a credit card charge. Perhaps it’s no to giving a ride to someone, going with someone or saving someone. Is time to give up being a people pleaser?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” Henry David Thoreau
Once you identify something new that you want to accomplish, it is important to start. To go is going to require you to be different and take responsibility for the life that you are creating. Reflect on your life, and if it is not in alignment with the vision you have of yourself and life, you will be required to get up and GO!

Finally, this is where the yogurt hits the fan. Build on the momentum you have created. Take an action step. Do something! Do you dream of a loving connected relationship? Take a step to create that. Do you long for an adventure, what kind? Book it and do it! Want to help the community? Go, volunteer. Want to start a business? Choose a business name and register it. Take the first step and then another, and another that’s how you will get to the other side. The fun is in the doing, that’s the expansion.

Your life is waiting, go!

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