Monday is Coming, Yuck!


The twentieth century had many songs that celebrated the weekend. Every decade and every genre glorified those two days dedicated to relaxation and pleasure. Some folks sleep longer; some try to squeeze in more fun, and some attack a personal to-do-list. It’s common in our culture to dread the coming of Sunday evening only because Monday is coming and it’s the start of a new work week.

Rather than live for the weekend, why not seek ways to make Monday more pleasurable?

Here are some things that I do to recalibrate my mindset.

First, I remind myself of the time that I prayed for my job. I work in a highly competitive field, and because of economic fluctuations, it was difficult just to get an interview when I graduated. Now it’s even more difficult.

Next, I focus on the service. I remind myself of the clients that depend on me to bring my best self each day and of my colleagues that expect my support. I don’t schedule my calendar too heavy on Mondays, and that helps me ease back into the work.

When I find that the work is becoming too routine, I find a way to switch things around. I brainstorm ideas or seek out different experts, arguments or strategies to explore. I actively seek variety or consult with a more senior person to change my perspective.

I like to schedule something fun to look forward to, like a small treat. I use a meal delivery service, and I love it! I look forward to having something interesting to prepare and eat. I feel like a gourmet chef. Perhaps, you could buy yourself fresh flowers to lift your mood and brighten your home. Or maybe you could have a weekly visit with a special friend and strengthen your relationship.

At the end of each day, before I go to sleep, I review the day. I remind myself of what I did well and look for ways to improve the areas that require it.

All we ever have is now. Each moment is brand new and has never been lived before. Why not appreciate the moment for the wonder it represents? Our lives are so much better than our ancestors; it doesn’t make sense to complain.

Monday is coming, yay! Let’s make it a great one!


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