So What Are You Going to Do?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver-The Summer Day



Do you want to attract a partner, love and be loved?

How about relieving your boredom and escaping drudgery?

Would you like to find adventure and discover your life purpose?

Could you fulfill a lifelong dream?

Every day is a brand new day. We get to push the reset button daily. It’s such a beautiful gift, the ability to choose how we will spend our time. On those occasions when we are actively pursuing our passions, we feel alive and engaged in our lives rather than merely repeating a routine and acting unconsciously on auto-pilot. The instant we make a decision and choose a pursuit creates a change and a trigger. We will sometimes feel an immediate shift and exhilaration in the decision alone, but sometimes there is a different reaction. It is very common to encounter resistance. Our internal warning system will go into high alert, and if we are not ready for it, we will be knocked off our axis.

They are all forms of procrastination: The three D’s.

First is a delay. Having you ever decided you wanted to do something that made you a little nervous and been overcome with a need to clean your house? That’s resistance.
Another is a distraction. Think about a time when you decided to start a project, but got sucked into a Netflix binge. That was resistance.
The final culprit is dissuasion. Your mind starts running a tape of why your idea now is such a bad idea. Or perhaps you will start reliving past negative experiences and start contemplating playing it safe. That’s resistance too.

Resistance is not going anywhere, like gravity, it’s a law of the universe, but with awareness, we can work through it. How do we combat resistance? What we resist will persist, so I don’t recommend fighting it; rather it’s best to be prepared to face it.

Always start with why. Write down clear defined goals and the reasons behind them. Remind yourself of how you want to feel and paint a clear picture of what success of your project will look like for you.

One thing you can do is build in some responsibility. Employ a friend as an accountability partner with regularly scheduled check-ins. Or ask your friend to join you in your new challenge.
Your calendar is another support tool. Create a non-negotiable schedule and stick to it. Design a simple reward system for yourself. Sometimes just seeing the number of checked off completed tasks can be hugely satisfying,

If you fall off, you can always start over.


Remember to have fun; the joy is in the journey, not the destination.


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