Protect Your Dreams

I am a dreamer, and I dream big. It used to be difficult for me to listen to people complain because my mind tends to go immediately into problem-solving mode. Now, I am a better listener, but I still dream of making things better. Not only do I dream, but I also act. It is my goal to leaves things better than I found them. The only problem with being a dreamer is that others do not always share my vision.

I learned a lesson today, to be careful sharing my dream. Not everyone can see a possibility, and it is important not to reveal plans and ideas too soon.

Just as we would protect our newborn infant, we need to protect our dreams while they are in their infancy. I recently shared an idea I have to reduce criminal recidivism with a colleague, and she instantly shot it down. I am currently building support for this concept, and everyone has loved it. People have offered great tips and improvements, but people universally agree that it’s a great idea. Negative Nelly was a different story. After talking to her, I felt deflated; then I remembered that I broke a fundamental rule of dream building: Be careful with whom you share your dream. Don’t expect people to act contrary to their character. When people are consistent, don’t complain and rail against what is.

While it felt like she had dropped my baby or stomped on my garden sprouts, my dream is intact. I am far more motivated by the goal and the good I think that can come from my program than a momentary feeling of discouragement.

So dream big. Take action. Remember your why and ignore the haters!

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