Lessons from a Young Teacher

Sometimes change can be hard to navigate. Often, we resist change, but if we are paying attention, we can get in the flow and see the benefit of the new situation. I live in Los Angeles, and Angelenos are well known for a love of cars. There’s even a song called Nobody Walks in LA! As we become better caretakers of the planet, the city officials are encouraging the residents to reduce our reliance on private cars by increasing public transit and turning parking lots into public parks. The desired result is to reduced pollution and traffic and to create more green space.

I once caught myself complaining about walking as I trekked up a hill to an office. I was busy feeling sorry for myself when I remembered my friend Riley. He is a brilliant fourteen old young man that I love and admire. Riley is smart, curious and kind. He is concerned about the planet, our country, and the world. He is also a cancer survivor.
Riley is currently relearning how to walk, and he has a vibrant gratitude practice. I felt a twinge of shame when I remembered Riley. Shame isn’t the point. Feeling sorry for myself felt crappy, depressed my mood and was unproductive. As I remembered Riley, he helped me to shift my attention to gratitude and conscious walking. I remembered to remember, and I rejoiced. I once heard a minister say that we are all temporarily abled bodied persons. Some days we can negotiate the physical tasks of the day with ease and other days, it’s a struggle. If we can approach each day anew, with a sense of awareness of the moment, we can enjoy our current stage of ability with gratitude and grace.


To learn more about Riley and his progress check out #TeamRiley.


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