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Are you hungry?  Lori is hungry.  Not in a polite kind of  feels a slight rumble of discomfort in her belly.  Lori is HUNGRY!  In that big, massive, country “hongry” way.  She hungers for more life, love, and creativity.  Lori is passionate about living this life and giving the most of herself to make life fabulous!
Lori is the woman that looks around and says to herself, “Do better!”  You know,  we can all do so much better.  We can all give a little more, be a little more and live a little more.  Actually, a hella lot more.  There really is no point to simply existing.  Let’s get out there and really LIVE.   Lori loves art, music and poetry.  She doesn’t just say it, she lives it.  She frequently hosts concerts, poetry readings and gatherings of all kinds in her home.  She coaches artists, musicians, social entrepreneurs  and professionals from all walks of life.   She sings everyday, laughs everyday and loves life!  She knows that WHEN we we all LIVE our PURPOSE and LIVE on PURPOSE the world is a much better place.
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver
We all possess a creative spark within us.  Let’s discover the artist within ourselves and start living more dynamic lives!    Contact Lori If you have devoted your life to doing what you are  “supposed to do” and have been left feeling hugely dissatisfied and you know there’s is more, your time is NOW.  Let’s do it NOW.    Lori will encourage, push and prod you.  Not next week, or when it’s more convenient, now.  We’ve got work to do people.  The work won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  Who you become will astonish and delight you.  You have  come to the planet at this time, at this moment for one reason only.   Let’s become the James Brown of  transformation!  Get up off your duff!   Let’s uncover your best life, your best self.    Your best self, bring it or you’re part of the problem.
Lori is remarkably different!  She is a powerful communicator. She empowered me to to commit, mount that horse and ride!
  She taught me the necessary lesson learning to face my fears and I will never be the same.”  Dion R.

What would happen if everyone did exactly what they loved and excelled at?  We would change the world!  Are you capable of imagining a life that you would love living?  Do you feel a nagging ache in your psyche, your soul?  Let Lori help you to discover the answers to your life’s questions within you.  Lori loves working with women that aspire to start a for purpose organization, create or try something new.


                                             “After just one session with Lori I gained greater clarity and small action steps that completely turned my life around! Alice T.



Move beyond insight, realize actual and dramatic change.
Change your life, improve your life.  DREAM BIG!
Let’s discover together how good it can get.

Many have brief glimpses of the power of working with the law.  The key is consistency, persistence and clarity of vision. It is easy.  Baby steps, fun size bites, not elephant size chunks.

If you are willing to take the first step, dare to dream, then Lori can work with YOU!


Contact Lori for a free 45 minute consultation, a $250 value to explore whether you and Lori are a good fit to discover and build your dreams!



“Everything you can imagine is real.” Picasso

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