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Coaching to help heart-centered women unlock their dreams within and change the world in their own unique way. Let’s start the journey together.


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  • Group coaching  Join a 90 day, 12-week intimate personal growth group
  • Exclusive 1 on 1 VIP Coaching *…

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Lori is best known as a coach, trainer  and speaker.


  • Learn two essential tools for dealing with fear, doubt and worry.
  • Learn the number one factor that causes people to lose motivation …

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About Me

Hi there! I’m a coach and speaker.   Check out my website and you will find information about me and the services I offer. I’m celebrating my anniversary as a coach and I’m offering great specials on my packages for a limited time.  I work with awesome people like you who have accomplished many of their life goals and are looking for the next step to take their lives from meh ” good to “Woo, Hoo GGGGreat!”  If you have been feeling an itch or missing that thing that used to get you going, I can help you out.  Explore the site and see how we can work together to take your life to exclamation point living!


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Lori A. Harris
4109 Charlene Dr
Los Angeles, CA  90043
323 371 3330

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