LORI A. HARRIS is the creator of the GRATITUDE TRAIN APP and the author of the forthcoming book, Home Safe, How to Keep Your Kid From Being Arrested.

Lori is coach certified by the LifeMastery Institute and a practicing attorney.

As a professional speaker, Lori travels the world in an effort to raise consciousness and inspire excellence for individuals, companies and seekers of all kinds. She has reached diverse audiences from students and homemakers to artists and attorneys.

She believes in radical forgiveness and looking for the good in every situation and circumstance. She uses the principle of gratitude to craft an inspiring message.

Any of the following speeches can be customized for your group needs and time frames.

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From Victim to Victor, What if You Were Just Grateful?

Your group will learn:

  • Valuable skills for reframing their approach to viewing life ‘s challenges and circumstances.
  • Simple mindset strategies to face fear, doubt, and worry.
  • Learn the first steps of Radical Gratitude

All Needs Met, Lessons From Before Birth

This talk is geared for women and mothers to remind them of their divine connection and how pregnancy and childbirth can be the perfect metaphor for meeting life’s challenges.

Mind the Gap, Express Ticket to the Life of Your Dreams

• What wealthy people do that creates sustained success.
• The number one factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream, and how to stay motivated and override it.

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