Moving Forward When You Feel Stuck and Afraid

The recent elections and subsequent rallies have brought forward a range of emotions. Much like Kubler-Ross’ five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling.

We are all coming down from the excitement of the rallies and protests. It’s likely that the protests won’t stop anytime soon. In the meantime, how can we regulate our emotions? This period is a season, and it is important for all of to make a firm decision how we want to show up and to model that behavior for the people around us that we care for and that care for us.

If you feel fearful, first identify the source of that thought. Ask yourself, Is it happening now?
Do I want it to happen?
If I don’t want it to happen, I will go forward, and deny it my energy. I not will give it additional thought.

Next, you can ask yourself another question. Who do I want to be at this moment? Or who do I want to serve? What could I do to be helpful right now? These are questions that can get you back on track.

I suggest choosing an area of focus. Perhaps you are moved by education, reproductive rights, funding for the arts or immigration fairness. There many places your focused energy and attention are needed and will be appreciated.

Next take an action step. Become part of the circulation of positive energy. Contact and thank those that are at the forefront of the battle. Donate your money, time and talent. This will help you feel better and will motivate and inspire everyone around you.

Finally, do not continue to write, speak and post about how awful everything is or will be. Decide to be a source of empowering information. I have one Facebook friend that made love notes with her children and delivered them to the mosque in her community. Another friend gives a weekly update to her community of the work she is doing on behalf of the community and the nation. She’s an inspiration. She has identified immediate and long-term goals that she is working toward. She inspires her followers with 10-second action step suggestions. Use your social media to help yourself and others to feel better.
Don’t worry; everyone will hear the other point of view without your contribution.
Let your light shine.

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