Lean Toward Kindness

We are here for the lessons. Every life experience comes to us packed with information for our growth and development. When we have the feeling that life is happening to us and that we are repeating an unpleasant experience, it is wise to re-examine the event for the lesson.

We are here to live mindfully, joyfully and with awareness.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t have difficulties, but we can learn to modulate our responses.

I awakened this morning with an insight: I want to be a person whose default is kindness, and I am welcoming that type of person to my life.

I am not here dish out unpleasantness or to be ready with the cutting payback. I have put them all in cold storage. I’m not interested, and I have retired from sarcasm. I am working not to have to apologize for my speech or explain that I was just kidding. I want to be kind and to surround myself with loving people. There is a Maya Angelou quote: “When people show you who they are, believe them.” It’s repeated because it’s true.

I once met a man that said something very unpleasant within the first few hours of our first date. I confronted him immediately, and we both laughed it off; however, that was a pivotal moment that I failed to recognize. I later learned that this person’s default is to be mean. He has to concentrate and work hard to be kind; it doesn’t come naturally to him.  I would not trade my friendship or experiences with that person for anything, but I can work on being more cognizant and recognizing the clues before me.

We are responsible for the energy that we bring and our responses to circumstance. Never give away your power and exercise Respond-Ability wisely.

Further, when we are kind we feel better because we are in alignment with our divine nature. When we are unkind, we hurt ourselves.  When we gossip, criticize and malign another we invite that energy and treatment upon ourselves.

People are always waving their flag; it’s our job to pay attention.

Decide who you want to be in the world.



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