The Happy Black Woman Lawyer Project

starts December 4th

Live via Zoom

The place to find more joy in how you practice lAW and live your life

Is it possible to go from stressed out partner, parent, and lawyer in just 4 short weeks without drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or excessive stress? 

You want to be a loving partner. a patient mother, and an effective lawyer.

You've been told you can have one or maybe two of those goals, but never all three.

Still, you want it all.  You want to be there for your family, but you also really want to be a kick ass lawyer.  You've been told your health and self care it imperative, but you have no idea what to do or where to start.

You've tried be calm and more mindful, but nothing ever sticks and you return to old habits that don't serve you.

You fail, you still have 

Poor eating habits.

Insufficient sleep.

Constant worrying about your health, your kids, and your work.

You try again, maybe this time you enlist a friend or colleague from work, but eventually you get off track.

So you worry about

      your blood pressure

      your headaches

      and your heart

You know the stats

   Higher incidence of chronic disease

   Shorter lives

   More heart attacks

   More strokes

And you sit there...

Wondering how do all these other people do it?  The ones with the loving partners, happy children, and flourishing careers?  How did everyone get on the yoga, hiking, "living their best life train" without you?

You grapple with the idea that maybe this is just going to be your life.  Does being a lawyer just mean living a stressful, painful life?

You don't need to suffer anymore.


I have developed a system that takes away the struggle of overwhelm and out of control stress.  

It literally takes you from crazed and delirious lawyer to HAPPY BLACK WOMAN LAWYER!

With my HBWL JUMPSTART System, you'll learn the tools you need to stress less and live more.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


I'm Lori A. Harris, a successful lawyer, a mom, and Life Mastery Consultant.  I've tried over 100 cases before a jury in my 28 years of legal practice.   I've also studied and trained in the world of personal development and mindfulness for over 30 years with Les Brown, Mary Morrissey, and Michael Beckwith.  I married my two worlds and learned to bring peace and mindfulness to my legal practice.

I am also someone that used to be stressed out and overwhelmed.

Using this method I have improved my health, rekindled an important relationship, and become more effective in my legal practice.  I even attracted a new and exciting area of practice!


I know what you're thinking---

It won't work for me because I'm totally type "A".

If it were that simple, everyone would try mindfulness.

It won't work for me because  I don't have the time.

Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before

  • The HBWL Jumpstart was designed with Black women lawyers in mind, sensitive to our unique concerns and family structures.  
  • It's designed to give you actionable tools you can use immediately to feel better.
  • It's support like you've never seen before, with a community of sisters that look just like you that you can access in your private online community.
  • It's delivered to you live, just one hour per week, and you get the recording to review and implement along the way.  
I want to help you turn you life and practice around. That’s why I created HBWL JUMPSTART- Stress Less. Live More


You Get:

Four weeks of live group coaching in a private Zoom community,.

Membership in private online HBWL Jumpstart Project community.

Fifteen minutes of daily access to me for  emergency hot seat coaching.

One live private bridge coaching session at the conclusion of the program.

Here are the answers to you questions

The investionment is $297.

Yes, there's a Earlybird discount of $25, act NOW!​​​​

Yes, Sis, there's a payment plan, click the link!

It's time to get FREE!


Drop me a line at if you have questions, or need help with enrolling for the next online jumpstart.

There's something I noticed that's remarkably different about Lori.

"There's something I noticed that's remarkably different about Lori. She is a willing mentor and coach. She makes herself physically present giving me the opportunity to observe her powerful compassion and communication skills. She empowered me to cross my line of fear. She helped me to mount that horse and ride. Her guidance prepared for a significant internal lesson, learning to face my fear. Thank you, Lori. That internal journey changed me. And your witness was exactly what I needed. This is a forever thank you." - Dion Raymond, Esq.