Ep #20: Celebrating Your Awesomeness

Unlock Your Life with Lori A. Harris | Celebrating Your Awesomeness

Gratitude is the most important currency there is and the energy of gratitude works hand in glove with the energy of celebrating one’s accomplishments. It is the one thing you can always do to lift your spirits, and there are so many awesome things about yourself that you can celebrate. I want you to think …

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Ep #19: Practicing Gratitude

Unlock Your Life with Lori A. Harris | Practicing Gratitude

It’s officially November, which means that in North America for a period of 3-4 days, people choose to stop, pause and think about everything that they are grateful for. So today and for much of this month, we’re talking about gratitude and its impact on our lives. Being grateful can have such a powerful impact …

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