Lawyer, Mother, Lori A. Harris is also a Certified Life Mastery Consultant.  


Twenty eight years ago Lori left the comfort and security of her friends and employment to go to law school.  She left without a plan or the apparent means to pay for her life or law school.  While she didn’t have a plan, she did have a dream.   Lori graduated from law school three years later with a law degree and no student loan debt.   She employed a technology that has been used by mystics and teachers for thousand’s of years.  For over two decades as a litigator, Lori has worked to persuade juries and judges.  Her kind and gentle spirit has helped hundreds of youth and families in reshaping their lives from clouds of misery to visions of hope and aspiration.

She has worked with artists, non profit organizations and youth to increase the success in their lives.

A sought after speaker, Lori has graced stages around California and shared the stage with her friend and mentor, Mary Morrissey.   She has been heard on the public radio and has appeared nationally on PBS.  She is a recognized expert in the area of juvenile justice, youth in transition and has testified before the California State legislature.

Now, trained in the science of dream building, she has created a life that she loves.  Lori would love to show you how to do the same.


What would happen if everyone did exactly what they loved and excelled at?  We would change the world!  Are you capable of imagining a life that you would love living?  Do you feel a nagging ache in your psyche, your soul?  Let Lori help you to discover the answers to your life’s questions within you.

Move beyond insight, realize actual and dramatic change.
Change your life, improve your life.  DREAM BIG!
Let’s discover together how good it can get.
What if it was easy?  Because it is.
Abandon the lie-if it were easy everyone would do it.  Everyone doesn’t know that it is easy–but you can!
Many have brief glimpses of the power of working with the law.  The key is consistency, persistence and clarity of vision. It is easy.  Baby steps, fun size bites, not elephant size chunks.

If you are willing to take the first step, dare to dream, then Lori can work with YOU!


“Everything you can imagine is real.” Picasso

Certified Life Mastery Consultant


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